You worry about the beer, we'll worry about the processing.

Goodnature Pasteurizers are plug-and-play solutions that remove complexity from the process. This means our products are easy to purchase and install. We understand the challenges of the modern brewery and have developed solutions to fit their way of doing business.

Extend Shelf Life

We help breweries produce a more stable product that stands the test of time.

Ensure Taste

Feel at ease knowing your end customers are getting the great taste you've perfected.

Ship Nationally

Grow your operation, expand your reach, and take your product to new markets.

Introducing the CBP.

The Goodnature Craft Beer Pasteurizer (CBP) has been developed as standard design models that meet the entire range of brewery throughput. It is delivered as a single module in the standard configuration, offering expedited lead times combined with competitive market pricing.

  • Compact footprint
  • Integrated PLC controls
  • Consistent operation and quality of product
  • Operates as a tank to tank machine
  • Clean in place (CIP) integrated design
  • HTST principles of operation to ensure highest quality product
  • Dual centrifugal pump system
  • Skid mounted boiler provides heat for the process
  • Plate Heat Exchanger with 90% regeneration, upgradable to 95%
  • Flexible operation: 20-second hold and 180° F max temperature
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Craft Beer Pasteurizer

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  • 1Unpasteurized beer from holding tank at 36°F
  • 2Booster pump for high-pressure operation
  • 3Flowmeter for validation of pasteurization process
  • 4Regeneration section (90% heat recovery): heated to 156°F
  • 5Heating section: final increase to pasteurization temperature
  • 6Timing pump with controls to ensure accurate flow
  • 720-second Hold Loop for precise residence time
  • 8If temperature is under 162°F, automatic diversion back to the beginning
  • 9If temperature is at 162°F, continue to regeneration section
  • 10Regenerative heat recovery: cools down to 46°F
  • 11Cooling section: tempered to storage temperature of 36°F
  • 12Backpressure control maintains CO2 in solution
  • 13Pumped to customer storage or filler tank
  • Integrated electric boiler maintains 170°F hot water loop for gentle heating
  • Customer supplied glycol maintains 24°F cooling agent

Note: Temperatures are for example purposes only.

Evans Brewing Company

“We are really happy with our Goodnature Craft Beer Pasteurizer! Our beer comes out tasting better after pasteurization (including the IPA’s). It seems to really bring out the flavor profiles. Thank you for all the help, cheers!”

Brewmaster Daniel Brunner
Evans Brewing Co. — Irvine, California

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